Matter Movement “Chaos&Order” Vernissage, at Interface Gallery (15.11 – 15.12), Hamburg.


Ana Andrun, Ana Golubovic, David Vilchez Rincon and Gallery Owner Lina El Agouz

pening of the exhibition “Chaos&Order” by the international artist Collective Matter Movement, participation of Anna Golubovic with her concept “Elements” in form of ceramic plates, Ana Andrun opened the event with the presentation of the team and reading of some of her poems, the paintings where all from David Vilchez Rincon and the arts of Giclixf Urr was displayed digitally.

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Many thanks to all the people who dropped by, the exhibition will be open to the public until the 15th of December at Interface Gallery, Grindelhof 68, Hamburg.



New artwork “Die Euro-Macht”


“Die Euro-Macht” is a part of the protest series. However, it does not criticize the elements represented in the artwork, nor the Euro as a concept, coin or region, neither the recognizable power figure.

 “Die Euro-Macht”, is a critic to the criticism lead and echoed by immoral and irresponsible media outlets. It is a stand against the blatant hyper-criticism impulsed by the Russian media against the solidarity shown by the German government.

This work is Oil and Acrylics on stretched canvas, 70×100 cm.

This and other pieces of the protest series will be in exhibition in Hamburg (see invitation) in November 2017.


Update on Protest art

Oil on canvas, “el Arpa” (the harp with a number 7 between the strings; representing the 7 stars of the pre-revolutionary flag and a dollar sign representing the corruption and the millions of dollars stolen from the Venezuelan people) 80x60cm and the tear gas canister (text: esto es una fiesta protesta *this is a party protest*) is 30x30cm, always with the Venezuelan flag colors as background, some pieces will be exhibited in Hamburg at the end of 2017, for more information use the contact site.

This protest series will grow in concept and impact because staying silent is not an option, being Venezuelan and not living in a permanent state of protest is endorsing a ruthless and corrupt dictatorship.

Serie of protest art


This is a reaction to the political and social situation in Venezuela, a stand as an artist. This series has a conceptual structure and a message; musical instruments in contrast with the colors of the Venezuelan flag, as a representation of the musicians involved in the protest of 2017 in Venezuela. Oil on canvas, 20x10cm, other paintings and objects are in preparation for this series.


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Marina represents a point of no return on painting, from there on my creative process changed, with this work I understood a lot about contrast and color theory“, Acrylics on canvas, 150x100cm, 2017.